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The #arsebiz hashtag on Twitter began as a way to bring together Arsenal-related businesses with potential customers.

I thought it might be a nice idea to try and use the platform Arseblog has to give Arsenal supporting business owners a chance to reach Arsenal supporting customers/clients.

Rather than doing your shopping online at the Big Evil Tax Dodging South American River place, see if there’s someone local who could use your custom.

It doesn’t even have to be local, if you need hiking socks and Harry’s Hiking Sock Store on the other side of the world can give you what you need, why not give them the business? If you need a designer, a copywriter, a gardener, food delivered, a handyman or woman, to order some books from a local independent bookstore, or whatever it is, perhaps you can find it here.

It's easy to spend money at the big online stores, but in these difficult times independent retailers need your support more than ever.

And if you'd like to be listed, just fill out the form and we'll get you added.